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With the sea so close at hand the chefs of “The Riddle of the Sands” do have a big advantage; there’s always a fresh supply of fish, lobster, oysters and other seafruit. Because of this freshness our stock is not unlimited, and although this has some advantages (we have fresh deliveries daily) it can happen that a certain menu has been sold out for the day. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often, and if it does, it mostly concerns the oysters and the lobster.


If our chefs encounter special ingredients you will find them in our daily specials. This could be a dish made from finds at the fishmonger, the butcher or our greengrocer. Often only available for a couple of days, but there’s always something special alongside our regular menu. Our service is happy to tell you about our specialties, but please do ask if you have special wishes of your own.

Meat from Lauwersland

You might have noticed that there is intensive lifestock-farming around the area of the Lauwersmeer. The many salt marshes and the brackish meadows are being used to breed cow and sheep. You will certainly find your favourite dish on our menu.